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torsdag den 15. juli 2010


Look what is waiting for me in the states...

Im so super excited I can't wait to play with my Gypsy, but I do have to download a few updates :) I was lucky to buy the Gypsy for $100...here is what I have bought to my Gypsy... Ive bought the dvd Gypsy, A to Z and I believe that it will help me understand the Gypsy since its my first time with it...I have also bought a silicone sleeve for the Gypsy and of course it has to be my all time favorite colour.... PINK :)

Of course what is the Gypsy with out cartridges :)

Here is what I got on Ebay... You gotta LOVE Ebay :)

  • Cindy Loo
  • Robotz
  • Forever Young
  • Summer in Paris
  • Summer Vacation
  • Animal Kingdom
  • Destinations
  • Hannah Montana
  • Everyday paper dolls
  • From my kitchen
  • Indie art
I can't wait to play with it all :) There will be more stuff of what I have been buying from the states :)

Pictures are from www.cricut.com and www.aboverubiestudio.com and www.customcrops.com which are some of of the best online websites when it comes to the Gypsy :)


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