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onsdag den 22. september 2010

Imagine, Imagine, Imagine

Okay I am just too excited, look what I am going to have sent from Provo Craft!!!!


mandag den 20. september 2010


Welcome to my little shop, it will contain scrapbooking kits in 6x6 and 12x12

Check back later :)


søndag den 19. september 2010


I had a class on last Friday on Ustream where I showed how I made the 12x12 canvas with Jacob and the wolf pack. Instead of using the same pictures, I decided that I would make a present to my mother in law. So this canvas was about her dog Chica. Our dog and Chica are sisters so I thought that would be a nice present, here is the canvas.

Here is the link to the Ustream class

/ Maria

Another video

Here is the last video that I made about 2 days ago. Sorry can't really remember :)


New Video

I made a video that shows you my haul from the

Scrap 'n' Dream convention. Enjoy


CHA Summer 2010 - Haul

Here is my haul from my Chicago/CHA trip :) I hope that you like the pictures, you can find my haul in this link

CHA summer 2010 haul

Have fun :)


12x12 Canvas

Okay I promised to show you my canvas, I trying to get up to speed with my blog and my youtube channel. But I really wanted to show you my 12x12 canvas with Jacob and the wolf pack from New Moon.

lørdag den 18. september 2010

News from my ustream and youtube channel

Okay I promised you guys a link for my ustream class and my youtube channel. I am currently working on my youtube channel, but I am going to give you the information anyways.

Youtube channel: Ludovika79
Ustream channel: Maria's creative corner

If you like what you see, please subscribe to both of them. Like I said earlier I am working on the videos for my youtube channel :)

Last friday I did a canvas class and I had such a blast, I worked with paint, modge podge, baby wipes, Tim Holtz products and alot of other good stuff. Please check out my Ustream channel :)

If there is something special that you want to see please leave me a mail


torsdag den 16. september 2010

Ustream classes

Okay I will admit I LOVE doing ustream classes and I will never stop doing them :) I will do classes when ever I will be able to and also try to update my youtube channel. I will leave you links when everything is up and running just the way that I want it :)

Take care and be safe


Update on me

Okay so what is the update on me. Well our vacation is over and we are back to work again, Ive also started school, subject Human Resources. Its a really good subject :).

Okay now here is what is going to happend with my blog. I havent been able to keep up with this blog and I feel very bad. Today when I get home Im going to take pictures of all the new stuff and put it on here... Im sorry that I have not done it before but its been really crazy on my end.