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mandag den 6. december 2010

Update on the Christmas crop

Hi all,

I just wanted to give you an update on our christmas crop. IT was so much fun,


The first class I had was a 12x12 layout using my cricut imagine. I only cut on it but I think thats okay :)

The second class I taught a class where I showed how to make a doily and on a 12x12 there is room for 16. After that you can put it in a shadow frame and bingo you have your own homemade decor.


The first thing I did was I showed my gift tags and mini album page. Unfortunally I had to combine this show with my next show because I had a birthday party to go to... The other class is a double 12x12 christmas layout.

Please look up the glitzyglamourgals on Ustream and check out the classes.


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